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About Mike

As the oldest of four children raised by a single mother, Mike Smigiel learned the value of education and strong work ethic at an early age.

In 1975 Mike joined the Marines and was honorably discharged in 1979. In order to pay for college, Mike worked various full-time jobs while also attending college including in construction, retail, restaurant management, mental health, and respite care. In 1981 Mike graduated from Community College with an A. A. in Political Science and Psychology. He furthered his education by graduating in 1985 from Northern Illinois University, with a B.A. in Political Science, and in 1989 received his J.D. from the Northern Illinois University College of Law. Mike served as the President of his law school class his final year.

After law school Mike returned to Maryland to set up his law practice on the Eastern Shore, where he built a successful practice by taking on the cases that others would not. Mike is known as “the people’s lawyer”, representing everyday working men and women against government overreach and intrusion into their lives. Mike has worked to help people with “government misconduct” and “consumer matters” in addition to his criminal defense and appellate practice. From 2001 until 2015, Mike served in the Maryland House of Delegates with honor and distinction.

“A+” rating by the NRA (2014)
Defender of Freedom Award (2014)
Republican of the Year, Cecil County, Maryland (2014)
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Mike's Record

I have successfully championed personal and economic Liberties in the Maryland Legislature over the last 12 years. Honing skills as a negotiator, I worked across party lines to pass more significant, bipartisan legislation than any other Republican in the Maryland Legislature. Leadership requires a willingness to do what is necessary to keep one’s oath to protect the Constitution, and thereby each and every citizen’s rights. My record in the Maryland Legislature is the best evidence that I will do whatever is necessary to protect against any attacks on the sovereignty of the people, and that I will protect against infringements on the rights of the people. I have not only argued against actions by the state executive branch, but did whatever was necessary, including filing suit against unconstitutional actions.

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Highlights of Record

  • Championed legislation that protects an unborn child from harm, including legislation that lead to some of the first regulations on abortion clinics, treating those clinics as any other medical center.
  • Worked across party lines to co-sponsor legislation that prevented approximately 2000 abortions per year, and cut the infant mortality rate in Maryland by about 24%.
  • Sponsored legislation that was responsible for some of the strongest protections against child sexual predators in the Country.
  • In 2014, worked in a bipartisan manner in sponsoring a package of bills which gave Maryland citizens the strongest Fourth Amendment protections in the Country. The authorities will now need to obtain a warrant in order to look at any of your electronic communications, or to “ping” your phone in order to locate you.
  • Co-sponsored with a Democrat legislator on the legislation that corrected the “Pitbull” breed specific problem, and on the Marijuana Decriminalization bill that passed in 2014.
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Why Run?

There is value in our history and wisdom in our traditions as Americans. Our way of life is under attack from those who seek to uphold the status quo, which isn’t working. Elected officials in both parties have forgotten what made this country great. I am an independent thinker who believes in the Constitution, liberty and upholding the rights of every individual.

Elected officials in state government often express disdain for free-market principles and individualism. The same issue exists with many federally elected officials. For the twelve years I served in the Maryland House of Delegates, I was the strongest voice of liberty and a proven defender of limited government. Most importantly, I always upheld my pledge to the Constitution. Today, I continue to stand on the side of liberty.

My success in the Maryland Legislature has proven that an elected official can remain true to their independence and principles and still be effective in passing significant bipartisan legislation.  Those who have the Constitution as their guide are less likely to get lost. The key to arriving at bi-partisan solutions is having the courage to stand on principal.  Freedom is not to be negotiated away by those in public office under any circumstance.

I am running for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District Seat to provide principled representation. I believe in putting principles ahead of politics and defending the rights of everyone. Elected officials can work across the aisle effectively while still maintaining a belief in liberty and freedom above all else. My record proves that I have courage to do the right thing, even when it is not popular. Join me in making Freedom First in Maryland’s 1st. 

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